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Barebacking With Carlos Morales

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The hot and sexy Carlos Morales knows how to give and take cock like no other. He is joined by seven other cock sluts, including the king of cock -- Jeff Palmer.

SCENE ONE: The action starts with gorgeous newcomer 20-year-old Jarod Steel who enjoys a long slurp on Carlos’ fat cock. Carlos flips Jarod over to begin eating and fingering the boy’s ass, which he fucks soon enough. While fucking, Carlos gets into some foot worship before shooting a load all over and in Jarod’s ass. The boy empties his own cock with a massive burst.

SCENE TWO: Next we find muscle guy Whitey Anders getting fucked in a sling by Cuban stud Alex while Carlos watches. Seeing what he likes, Carlos gets in the sling for some of Alex’s long dicking. Whitey needs more cock and he sits on Carlos’ beef.

SCENE THREE: It’s a threeway for scene three. Jay Ross takes sling duty and gives up his hole to Antonio Vela’s eager tongue, followed by a massive dildo. Carlos steps in to fuck that well-opened hole and makes Jay eat his own cum. Soon, Antonio gets in the sling to enjoy a good fuck from Carlos who cums a mighty load in his ass. Carlos pulls out and Antonio licks that pole clean.

SCENE FOUR: In the finale, Carlos is busy fucking Alan Gregory’s face until Jeff Palmer shows up. With Jeff takes over the face fucking while Carlos takes Alan from the rear. Before long Jeff join Carlos and they mercilessly double fuck Alan. Jeff starts fucking Carlos, putting the stud in the middle of a sex sandwich. Jeff then fists Alan. Carlos wants some of that action too and Jeff obliges, obviously loving every minute of his fist deep in Carlos’ meaty ass.

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