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Sleaze 2
TWO DVD SET: 1 hour, 35 minutes
Your Price: $49.95

Detailed Description


If you can read this text it means you need to download the latest version of flash player to view movie preview. Click on Flash Player link below to download new version or go to

You can't say sleaze and not talk about Jeff Palmer. The master slut opens the video in scene 1 on his stomach, hungry asshole showing through ripped jeans. Two security guards, hairy studs Alessandro Teradyne and Marco Rivas, find Mr. Palmer and proceed to shove a nightstick up his hole with ease. The two then take turns mouth and ass fucking him hard. Cocks go right from Jeff's ass into his mouth and back until a double penetration.

Scene 2 finds 20-something Jason Reed getting stripped and roughed up by manly Chris Neal, who also was in the original Sleaze, and straight guy Clyde. They put the boy in bondage and have their nasty way with him. Ass slapping leads to ass eating and ass fucking. Both tops have mammoth endowments and the handcuffed Jason gets rammed good. He even he gets a piss enema for further humiliation - literally getting the piss fucked out of him before he is set free.

Vic Stone, also featured in the original Sleaze, makes his return to SX in scene 3, showing Angel Rocha how to suck cock. The two tops want to do some anonymous ass pounding, so they don hoods and drag home little Tommy in to be their sex toy.

Butch Eric York and Tony Serrano start scene 4 by making out for a bit. Eric is soon on his knees deep throating Tony's big piece like it is the last cock he'll ever get. Once he is warmed up, Tony takes control of Eric's meaty ass, eating it and then splitting it wide open. He later cums a mighty load in Eric's mouth and then eats it back out, spooge swapping with his bottom.

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Alessandro Teradyne
Angel Rocha
Chris Neal
Eric York
Jason Reed
Jeff Palmer
Marco Rivas
Tony Serrano
Vic Stone

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