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Monster Cock 3
1 hour, 37 min
Your Price: $59.95

Detailed Description

Monster Cock 3


If you can read this text it means you need to download the latest version of flash player to view movie preview. Click on Flash Player link below to download new version or go to

Antonio Biaggi's big thick eleven-inch monster cock makes its SX debut and who better to pair him with than big-dicked bodybuilder Juan Steel. The two power tops sixty-nine and suck each others' huge dicks. Antonio gets a taste of Juan's ass and can't get enough, eating him out like never before with Juan loving every second of it. But who is going to fuck who? Juan answers that question by inviting newcomer Jacob White who is more than happy to take both their cocks. The two tops get right to finger-cuffing Jacob, spinning him around to take turns fucking and getting sucked making sure both of the bottom's holes are being abused. But it gets even better, Jacob isn't satisfied until he gets both monster cocks in his as at the same time. Juan and Antonio are more than up for the task and give Jacob a monster-double-fucking he'll never forget. Ass-to-mouth is the name of the game as the guys take turns cleaning off each others' cocks in between the hard fuck sessions. Juan and Antonio both shoot their loads into Jacob's ass and Jacob gets the honor of eating the cum cocktail off both of their huge cocks.

Fresh-faced 19 year old Diego Reyes thinks his smooth sweet ass has what it takes to tackle Juan Steel's ten inches of monster cock. The latino studs enjoy some sixty-nine action. Then Juan rims his hole to get him wet and lets him have it, showing the boy what it's like to take a man's dick. Diego loves every second of it and jumps on top of Juan to ride his massive cock like a champ, gyrating and moaning with pleasure. Juan unloads his seed into Diego's young hole then fucks the cum into him until the boy busts his own nut, which Juan graciously feeds him.

Andre Barclay gives himself up to Antonio Biaggi's legendary eleven-inch cock in this hot scene. It doesn't take long for Antonio to bury his face in Andre's ass to get him ready for the punishment about to take place. Antonio pulls up Andre's ass and pushes his fat cock into his slutty hole and drives it home. Andre is just the man for the job and takes Antonio's meat sword all the way to the hilt screaming in pain and ecstacy. The fuck frenzy continues in every position imaginable until Andre can't hold it and squirts out his man-juice. Antonio isn't done yet and uses Andre's cum as lube until he blows his own load in the bottom's ass. Andre then helps Antonio clean up by sucking all the good stuff off of Antonio's monster cock.

Muscle bottom Dominik Rider is no small guy but when you put him next to six foot seven inch tall Christian Rock he gets a little intimidated. Dominik soon finds out that along with Christian's monster height is a monster cock and he doesn't waste any time getting it into his mouth. Christian teases Dominik's tight hole with his long tongue and fingers and gets him all wet for the ass pounding that's going to follow. Once Dominik's ass is sufficiently lubed with spit Christian rams in his "100% Grade A White Boy" monster cock and fucks him hard, no holding back. Dominik takes it like a true power bottom only stopping to clean the ass juice off Christian's cock with his mouth. Getting pounded deep by a 10" jackhammer is just what Dominik's hungry hole wanted. When he can't hold it anymore Dominik cums onto Christian's cock, gets fucked with his own cum until Christian shoots, then squats over Christian's face and squirts both of their cum loads back out in a cream pie shower finale.

SX Men, SX Guys, Nude, Naked, Gay Male Bareback Model Pics, Pictures, Images
Andre Barclay
Antonio Biaggi
Christian Rock
Diego Reyes
BDominik Rider
Jacob White
Juan Steel

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