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Fuck Me Bare
1 hours, 54 min
Your Price: $49.95

Detailed Description

Fuck Me Bare


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Revved up hotties Zack, Jason and Kirby jumped right in and were clearly starving for cock, ripping off each other's clothes and ready to fuck every which way. They started making out and were gagging on each other's meat in no time. Zack begins gorging on Jason's ass, preparing it for what's to come, while Jason deep-throats Kirby, continuing to gag and moan along the way as Zack crams his dick deep inside Jason's tight hole with no warning. Zack keeps stabbing away at Jason's hole until Kirby feels it's his turn to feed Jason's ass, which he does relentlessly, while Zack and Jason take turns blowing one another. Zack momentarily forces Kirby's cock out of Jason and into his own mouth with an uncontrollable urge to taste Jason's ass off of Kirby's huge erection, before guiding it back into Jason's tight hole. Zack and Kirby then lay on their back, ass-to-ass as Jason fearlessly sits on both cocks now pressed together, screaming as they double-fuck his ass bareback and brutally. Kirby and Zack then flip-flop for control of Jason's ass and mouth to fuck, until Kirby busts his load all over Jason's hole, before feeding the cum deep back into his ass. Zack seeing what a great idea this is, decides to shoot his own load on Jason's hole, wrenching his seed even farther, as cum drips out of Jason's ass.

Antonio and his intimidating 11 inch dick return again, this time to show fellow Latin stud Dominik what he is capable of. Antonio can barely contain himself; eating, fingering, and spitting inside Dominik's ass within minutes. Dominik then starts sucking Antonio's colossal cock, attempting to deep-throat but chocking halfway down. Antonio pulls out of Dominik's mouth, throws him on his back onto the bed and plunges his giant dick all the way inside Dominik's hole until he lets out a scream. With his huge balls smacking against Dominik's ass with every thrust, Antonio pulls out and invites Dominik to sit on his tremendous cock and go for a ride, which he manages to bear down on all the way. Antonio then bends Dominik over the bed and once again begins to drill his ass stiffly, while Dominik jacks off, talking dirty in Spanish along the way. Unable to hold off anymore, Dominik shoots his load all over his stomach, while Antonio is still busy driving his cock deep inside Dominik's hole, until he pulls out and cums all over Dominik's ass, lapping up his own cum with his tongue after he is finished.

Golden boy Zack returns once again exhilarated and ready to stretch out Jay's tight asshole. With clothes flying off faster than you can imagine, Jay has Zack's already-hard cock in his mouth and swallows it deep down his throat at Zack's command. Zack returns the favor and the two begin to 69 each other ravenously. Zack then lubes up his stiff cock and slides it in Jay's tight hole, stretching it out with every thrust. Zack rolls Jay onto his back without pulling out, while Jay holds his legs in the air, spreading his asshole while Zack drenches it with his spit before slamming his dick back in Jay as hard as he can. Zack pulls out of Jay and jerks his cock until it erupts with cum all over Jay's hole. Zack then pushes his load deep back up in Jay and then watches Jay jack off all over his stomach.

Latin cutie Gabriel shows young stud Max the true meaning of taking control. The scene starts out with the two taking turns blowing each other hungrily, filling their mouths and stroking each other's cocks until they are rock hard. Gabriel then orders Max onto the bed and pulls out a huge two-sided dildo, which he forces into Max's tight hole before laying on the bed, with their ass' pressed together and works the monster dildo into his own ass. The two begin to fuck the dildo insatiably into each other's ass, beating their meat along the way. Gabriel gets Max on his hands and knees, spread so his asshole is open and prepared for a good fuck and begins pounding away at his hole. Gabriel has Max moaning and begging for more as he throws him into almost every position possible on and off the bed, until he pulls out and drenches Max's hole, inside and out with him cum.

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Antonio Biaggi
Dominik Rider
Gabriel D'Alessandro
Jason Mitchell
Jay Elliot
Kirby Thomas
Max Middleman
Zack O'Mally

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