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Men Bareback
147 mins
Your Price: $49.95

Detailed Description

Men Bareback


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With mega-hung tops like Luca Bondi and Nick Moretti, it takes a talented bottom to be able to handle the beating of being tagged-teamed by the two of them. That is when we knew the cock-loving Dominik Rider would be the ideal guy for the job. The three hot studs start kissing and feeling each other up, until Dominik drops to his knees, whipping out both warm and hard cocks to swallow down his hungry mouth. While Dominik's mouth is preoccupied, Nick grabs his bottom's perfect bubble butt and tongue fucks his hole, before cramming his cock into Dominik's mouth. With Dominik's hole is good and warmed up, Nick shoves his thick meat into his ass and starts pumping away to the sound of Dominik moaning away. Nick then pulls out, dropping to his knees to fill his mouth full of Luca's big cock, getting it as hard as he can for Dominik's ass. Luca then glides his massive uncut monster meat-stick into Dominik's ass and starts stuffing his insides.

Dominik is then moved to the ground with his legs high in the air, as Nick takes control of his ass again, plunging his huge cock back in his tight asshole and using his legs as handles to fuck him hard. The two tops continue trading off for control of Dominik's mouth and ass, fucking him deep and hard, building up their loads. Nick moves Dominik to the couch and plunges his dick even deeper, with pre-cum dripping out of his ass, until Luca moves him out of the way and slams his enormous Italian sausage back in his cock-whore bottom, thrusting away until he pulls out and blasts his hole with a huge load of creamy white cum, which he fucks hard into his insides. Nick then returns to claim his ass again and fucks Luca's load even farther up his ass until he pulls out and erupts his own load into Dominik. Nick continues to fuck Dominik while the dirty bottom jerks his perfect cock, eventually blasting a load onto his stomach and chest.

Cock-loving bottom-boy T.J. Dickinson admits he loves nothing more than a thick and raw cock plugging his tight hole, which newcomer Tober Brandt is more than happy to give this cock-slut, in their first scene with SX Video. The two begin by aggressively making out and shoving each other's tongues down their throats, until T.J.'s tongue starts to crave something else, dropping to his knees and swallowing Tober's fat meat. Tober soon returns the favor, sucking first on T.J.'s cock and then feasting on his pink asshole, loosening it up with hard thrusts with his tongue. With his ass good and ready, Tober mounts T.J. on all fours, on the couch and jams his monster cock in T.J.'s tight hole and begins pumping it in hard.

After plowing his ass and opening it up for a good pounding, Tober pulls out when T.J. is moaning and super worked up and makes him beg for his cock, before slamming it back in and giving his asshole a hard thrashing. With pre-cum dripping out of his ass, Tober decides to pull out once again, treating T.J.'s mouth to his own ass-juice and cum, while finger-fucking his puckering hole, before throwing his bottom-boy on his side and returning his huge dick back into T.J., drilling deep up into his insides. Tober then begins to smash his girthy cock harder and deeper into t T.J.'s ass, working up a sweat until he is ready to blast his own load, draining his cum all over T.J.'s asshole and then pumping every last drop deep inside of him. After T.J. licks Tober's dick clean once again, he begins jerking his own rod until exploding a huge load all over his stomach, which Tober feeds back into his mouth.

Although Luca Bondi has an over-sized and mouth-watering dick, there is nothing he loves more than having his tight hole being pounded by raw huge cock, and newcomer Heath Anthony was more than happy to give the bottom what he wants. The scene starts off with Luca dropping down to his knees and chocking down Heath's thick cock, deep-throating him hungrily as he jerks his own rod. Luca's massive cock catches Heath's eye and he then switches places with perfectly-sculpted bottom and starts sucking down all 9'' of meat. After Heath's mouth is satisfied, he moves Luca to the couch and goes to town on his ass with his tongue and fingers and then lubes up his huge pink cock, which Luca takes a seat and bears down all the way on, bouncing up and down and fucking into his ass.

Luca keeps moaning away, taking every inch of Heath's manhood, until he is moved into doggie position as Heath slams his rock hard cock back into his hole and fucks him even harder. Luca is then turned onto his back, spreading his legs like the submissive bottom he is and welcomes Heath's cock into him once again as he jerks his huge rod. Heath then manhandles Luca up off the couch and bends him over, shoving his eager cock back into Luca and thrusting as hard as he can until he pulls out and explodes a huge load onto his ass, fucking it back in nice and slow. It's then Luca's turn to let one go and he moves back on the couch and starts beating his cock rapidly, blowing a huge load onto his chiseled stomach and Heath's face.

Sexy porn veteran Andre Barclay returns to SX Video to dominate the perfects ass of Matt Sizemore. The scene opens with the two of them making out passionately, which quickly leads to Matt swallowing Andre's massive cock deep down his throat. Andre continues pushing Matt's head all the way down on his dick, until he bends him over on the couch and begins teasing Matt's hole with the plump head of his cock and fingers. After driving him wild, Andre shoves his girthy cock into Matt and pumps aggressively away at his ass.

Andre continues loosening Matt up with his cock as his balls slap away at his ass with every thrust, until he's ready to go full-throttle, throwing Matt on his back and pounding his ass as hard as he can. Andre then lifts Matt off the couch, bending him over and ordering the silver daddy to back up on his fat cock, before throwing him onto his stomach and railing him hard and fast. Andre and Matt then get into a scissor-fucking position and Andre lays into his ass once again, pulling out to release a big load onto Matt's asshole, which he fucks back inside him. Matt then rolls onto his back and beats his dick while sucking Andre's fat cock, until he shoot a huge load onto his stomach and cock.

Beefed-up hottie Matt Sizemore is a big fan of veteran porn star Sam Crocket, and jumped at the chance to return to the studio to get fucked by Sam's huge cock. The two start reminiscing about the glory days of bareback fucking until Matt is so horny he reaches over and swallows Sam's dick. Sam gets on all fours on the couch and then starts sucking Matt's massive dick, until Matt can't take the anticipation anymore, standing up and bending over with his ass wide open, begging Sam to fill him up. Sam is more than happy to oblige, slamming his raw lubed-up dick hard into his cock-craving bottom. With Matt still bent over, Sam orders him to back up onto his dick over and over again and then pulls his cock out and has Matt clean off his own ass juice as he chokes on his cock.

Matt then is thrown onto the couch and penetrated hard from behind, until Sam feels he needs to go for a ride, sitting down on the couch and commanding the obedient bottom to sit all the way down on his huge dick. Sam takes a quick break to pull out and taste his own dick out of Matt's asshole, before throwing the bottom on his back and sucking his dick deep down his soft throat. Matt then shoves his cock back into Matt and continues breeding his hungry hole, moving Matt to the floor and finger fucking his asshole and then shoving his fat cock back into him, pulling out to release a man-sized load all over his bottom boy's hole, which he fucks into his ass. Matt is then instructed to turn on his back and beat his meat, erupting a load of his own onto his hairy stomach and chest, which Sam feed into his mouth.

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Andre Barclay
Dominik Rider
Heath Anthony
Luca Bondi
Matt Sizemore
Nick Moretti
Sam Crocket
Tober Brandt
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